005-0035 Colonial HCR33LC 24X33 12-16 GL 6 MICRON 1000/CS

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 005-0035 Colonial HCR33LC 24X33  15 GL 6 MICRON 1000/CS
20/50/case.    15lb Max load.    High Density Can Liner
Wound on rolls without cores.  Coreless rolls are easier to handle and afford you flexibility in the way you distribute liners to your employees. These small rolls are ideal for the healthcare and contract cleaning markets.  100% prime resin.
24 x 33, Nat., 6 mic, .24 mil, 20/50/cs coreless rolls
Superior dart and tear strength. Thick recycled bags w/the strength of mPE. The strength of HDPE without the zippering. Tear strength and elasticity of Hexene linear. 10 times the dart strength of other bags. Meets LLDPE quality specifications. 
24 x 33, Nat., 6 mic, .24 mil, 20/50/cs