015-0350 AEP 303613C 30X36 20-30 GL .51 MIL 250/CS

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015-0350  AEP 303613C  30X36  20-30 GL  .51 MIL  250/CS

AEP 303613C 20-30 Gallon 0.51 Mil 30" x 36" Low Density Medium Duty Clear Can Liner / Trash Bag - 250/Case
Instantly add security to your trash removal with these AEP 303613C 20-30 gallon, .51 mil low density medium duty garbage bags! These transparent bags are great for front-of-house use, paper trash removal, and recycling. Unlike black liners, these crystal-clear bags ensure that everything leaving your doors is identifiable and going where intended; trash to the dumpster and recyclables to the proper location. Durability and stretchability help prevent unwanted messes, making these bags ideal for trash with sharp or irregular edges. A star seal helps prevent leaks, too! These bags are FDA approved as food grade.