315-2450 FLAIR 8x12 3MIL VAC POUCH 1000/CS

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315-2450  FLAIR    8x12   3MIL   VAC POUCH  1000/CS

FlairPak 300  8x12  3 side seal vacuum pouches are part of Flair's premium vacuum pouch line. They are constructed of 9-layer co-extrusion film and contain a minimum of 20% nylon. Common uses include processed meats, cheeses and many other items.    1000/CS

Vacuum pouches provide a versatile packaging method for a wide variety of food and non-food products. Flair's high quality FlairPak vacuum pouches are constructed from optimized film structures that always provide excellent barrier properties and seals. Flair vacuum pouches are compatible with virtually all vacuum chamber machines.